We highly recommend a custom designed audio program to help you trance-form rapidly. We focus on the areas of personal growth, like overcoming specific fears and limiting patterns that hold you back in either personal or professional life. With our customized program you can establish better relationships, succeed in the arts and self-expression, improve your communication or economical situation and etc. Custom designed programs are also great for easing the symptoms of physical ailments, by boosting your immune system to fight a disease or enhancing your ability to heal and restore.

We spend 5 hours creating your custom digital recording.  This process entails an one hour consultation with Elena Beloff and a 45 minutes hypnosis session on Skype or in person; 2 hours of writing your personal script, one hour of recording and a final delivery. Your 45 minute long digital recording will be designed and delivered to you as a downloadable link within a week. 

Elena Mosaner takes time and effort to understand the nature of your problem, design a personal script to help you reframe (rewrite) specific points in your personal history and build new growth promoting beliefs in a specific area of your life. Powerful visualization of the desired goal is used in the audio to enhance your belief system and positive thinking towards achieving your goal.

Send us a message for a 15 minute consultation about designing your customized digital recording.