ANNA - Hypnosis for Exercise Motivation

by Elena Beloff

NYC Hypnotist Elena Beloff works with Anna for exercise motivation and weight loss.

Mind Over Matter, Episode 2. 

Most people think hypnosis happens strictly when their eyes are closed. This is not true. Hypnosis starts from the moment a client enters my office. In fact, the most important work happens during the pre-talk. I spend time outlining my client's goals and make sure that the client feels 100% congruent with what he or she wants, that the goal is realistic and possible to achieve. Then, I begin "negotiating" with the client, which is  showing to them the reasons why they want their goals and how to go about achieving them. By unpacking the "mental clutter" I show to them that the path can be clear and that it is easier than they think to achieve their outcomes. Finally, after I use a hypnotic induction and establish a state of deep relaxation, I speak with their deeper part, their unconscious mind to seal powerful hypnotic programming for a positive change.

In this episode, I also use a future progression with Anna to help her see what it feels like to achieve her goals and maintain them for five years. She opens her eyes and "speaks from the future."

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"I wasn't sure what to expect from the experience or even the results but it was interesting and definitely has set me on the right path already, and it's only been just over a week! I went in to try and get assistance on one area of my life I wanted to get more disciplined in but actually got the benefit for 2 different things! What I call added value:) I've since referred another friend to Elena to help her with something else and she's also been impressed with the results so far! It just gives you that extra push for whatever you're set to do, or improve in your lifestyle. 
Would definitely recommend it for any skeptics out there. There is nothing to lose, apart from being pleasantly surprised with the outcome! "