DENNIS - Hypnosis for Audition Anxiety

by Elena Beloff

NYC Hypnotist Elena Beloff works with Dennis to help him overcome audition anxiety.

Mind Over Matter, Episode 3.

Dennis is an actor. He has acted on stage and many plays. His goal is to get parts on film and television. But something stops him from getting into that stage of his life. Audition anxiety. Dennis shares how despite the love and joy in his family, he also had a critical dad growing up. As I talk to him, we also detect the overall belief he picked up from his family and upbringing, that success and thriving was hard or impossible.

I find it fascinating how humans imitate their environment and copy beliefs of their immediate surroundings, even if these beliefs don't make sense and are obviously disempowering. They are nothing more than thoughts in the head, although to a person holding these beliefs, they seem as absolute truth.

Watch how Dennis learns what his limiting beliefs are, and how in deep trance his mind can be deprogrammed. I also guide him into a desired state of empowerment and show him how to anchor this positive mental state with a deep breath, so he can access it at anytime and any place at will.