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Elena Mosaner, CHT, MS

Elena Mosaner, CHT, MS

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We offer self-hypnosis digital recordings to help you experience deep hypnotic relaxation, profound meditative and natural psychedelic states of mind. With our hypnosis downloads you can remove mental blocks, enhance your mental abilities, improve your sense of self, get in touch with your will power and excel in the desired areas of your life. 

All self-hypnosis audios are designed my Elena Mosaner (nee Beloff), Clinical Hypnotist, Master NLP Practitioner, MS. Elena Mosaner was featured by NY Post and ABC Good Morning America as one of the top hypnotists in NYC. Mosaner custom designs self-hypnosis audios and is available for private sessions and workshops. Learn more.

On HypnoCloud you will find educational materials, news and latest research articles in the filed of hypnosis therapy. Visit our blog.

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